Goat Cheese Roll
With nuts, honey and apricot jam

For spreading on 20 crackers

1 goat cheese roll (120 g)
100 g of apricot jam
50 g chopped dehydrated apricots
2 tablespoons of honey
20 toasted and chopped hazelnuts
20 toasted and chopped pistachios
Chopped fresh, whole mint leaves for decoration
20 Crackers

Butter knives to spread the cheese and jam on the crackers

Prep time: 15 minutes


⦁ Remove the cheese from the packaging to allow it to reach room temperature and soften.
⦁ Mix the hazelnuts with the pistachios, put them in a plate and coat the cheese roll with the mixture, softly pressing on it so the nuts stick (reserve any that fall off). Place them on a tray and cover with half of the dried apricot Top with the chopped mint and decorate with the whole leaves.
receta rulo cabra
⦁ In a bowl mix the dried apricots with honey, any nuts that didn’t stick and the rest of the dried apricots.
receta rulo cabra1
⦁ Serve the roll on a tray with the bowl of mixed jam and some crackers to spread on.receta rulo cabra2


You can substitute the apricot jam with peach jam, or whichever you like best, but don’t forget to place some butter knives nearby for the cheese.