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Foie Mousse with Fig marmalade

Foie Mousse with Fig marmalade


Foie Mousse
with Fig Marmalade, dehydrated Cherries and Pistachios

For 10 small cups

350 g of heavy Cream (35 % fat)
130 g of bloc de foie gras
3 gelatine sheets
A pinch of salt and ground white pepper
200 g fig marmalade
50 g of chopped dehydrated cherries
20 g of toasted and chopped pistachios
A medium bowl with cold water IMG_5714


10 glass cups
A saucepan
Whisk IMG_5715

Prep time: 20 minutes

⦁ Submerge the gelatine sheets in the bowl with cold water for 4 minutes. Once hydrated, remove them and dry them with a paper towel. mousse foie
⦁ Add the cream to the bowl and heat at medium heat. When it starts to boil, add the foie and whisk. Add the salt and pepper and add the hydrated gelatine sheets, stirring with the whisk for 1 minute until it has completely dissolved, then remove from the heat. mousse foie1
⦁ Continue by adding a spoonful of fig marmalade in each cup, then cover with the foie mixture, filling each cup halfway, and letting it cool a little before refrigerating for 10 minutes. mousse foie2
⦁ Once cooled, cover the mouse with a teaspoon of dehydrated cherries and another of toasted pistachios. mousse foie3
⦁ Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until serving (it stores for 5 days).


This can be accompanied by toasted raisin bread. IMG_3936